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other places that don’t exist any longer, detail installation, in the frame of "Contro Zona - Rassegna di arte contemporanea", Mestre, Venice, Italy. 196 postcards, 15 x 10,5 cm each, 2013.

altri luoghi che non esistono più, dettaglio installazione per la mostra San Felice, a cura di Associazione 22:37 per Città Solidale, cooperativa sociale di Vicenza. 256 cartoline, ognuna 15 x 10,cm circa, 2016.

Other places that don’t exist any longer is a work in progress that originates from the question posed to different people: which is an important place for you that does not exist anymore? The answer to the question takes the form of a postcard sized drawing of the place chosen by the people involved. I started collecting these drawn memories from 2010 involving about 200 people until now. The drawn places are of different types, some are related to the intimate and familiar sphere like a child's bedroom or the grandmother's house, others refer to a social or collective dimension, such as meeting places, bars and nightclubs, others again are historical places. What binds all these places together is the fact that they no longer exist: inaccessible, demolished, abandoned or transformed in their use.
Altri luoghi che non esistono più è un work in progress che si origina dalla domanda rivolta a differenti persone: qual’è un luogo importante per te che non esiste più? La risposta alla domanda si concretizza in un disegno nel formato di una cartolina del luogo prescelto dalle persone coinvolte. Ho iniziato a collezionare queste memorie disegnate dal 2010 coinvolgendo fino ad ora circa 200 persone. I luoghi ricordati appartengono a diverse tipologie, alcuni sono legati alla sfera intima e famigliare, come la cameretta da bambino/a o la casa della nonna, altri si riferiscono ad una dimensione collettiva o sociale, come luoghi di ritrovo, bar e discoteche, altri invece sono luoghi storici. Quello che lega fra loro tutti questi luoghi è il fatto che non esistono più: inaccessibili, demoliti, abbandonati o trasformati nel loro utilizzo.

This is a list of those who have contributed to the project with their drawings:

Adalberto Abbate, Chiara Agnello, Lorenzo Agnes, Marisa Agnes, Alex, Andrea, Antonio, Carlo, Caterina Aicardi, Alessandra, Kristine Alksne, Anonimo1, Anonimo2, Anonimo3, Antonio, Juan Pablo Araya de la Taille, Alessia Armeni, Elena Arzuffi, Davide Asselta, Lisa Baumgartner, Mariano Bellarosa, Marco Belfiore, Chiara Banzato, Maria Banzato, Catherine Bertolotti, Roberto Bertolotti, Cecilia Bertoni, Alice Bescapè, Fatima Bianchi, Francesca Boffini, Laura Bòlon, Katia Bottegal, Luigi Bubacco, Bubbapuppibubba Creations, Massimo Brogiato, Mira Brooklyn, Benedikt Buellingen, Anita Burchardt, Helga Burchardt, Rajko Burchardt, Harald Busch,Silvia Caglio, Camilo, Fabio Campagna, Francesca Caretta, Mariella Casile, Carsten, Antonio Cataldo, Maria Vittoria Cavina, Lucio Cerdà, Viviana Checchia, Chiara, Christian, Claudio/a, Wendy Coad, Mercedes Coello, Manuel Coletto, Manuel Coletto, Roberta Coletto, Giuliana Marzia Coretti, Cristian, Laura Cristin, Ylenia Curotti, Donata, Diego, Daniela Ddm Di Maro, Mascia del Grande, Davide D’Elia, Luca Deni, Alice di Lauro, Elise, Hannes Egger, Giulio Esposito, EVA, Fabio, Neal Fellenbaum, Claudia Fellenbaum Omodei Zorini, Francesca, Francesca/Luís, Luca Figino, Cristina Fiore, Diella Fotini, Barbara Fragogna, Chiara Fumai, Milica Gacevic, Martina Gambade, Armida Gandini, Ettore Garlati, Gigi Garlati, Alberto Gheller, Silvia Giambrone, Sabina Grasso, Patricia Grove, Alice Guareschi, Piotr Hanzelewicz, Lucy Harrison, Maria Jose Ibarrola Rivas, Benjamin Ibry Berstein, Astrid Jahns, Philippe Jaquelet, JK, Jorge, Claudia Jung, Sara Justo Fernandez, Sylvia K, Boris Kienel, Kataryna Krasuska, Suse Krieger, Ilenia, Jessica P., Gabriele Omar Lakhal, Elisa Lazzaro, Fernando León-Guiu, Leas, Lia, Lilia, Kerstin Linnartz, Barbara Lobbia, Lollis/Carlo/Ulisse, Lorenzo, Federico Lupo, Bruno Luverà, Emma Luverà, Melissa Luverà, Marc Abdo Miguel, Mariavittoria, Rory Macbeth, Omar Macchiavelli, Marko Mäetamm, Fiorenza Magrotti, Marco, Calogero Marrali, Matilde Martinetti, Elisabetta Matti, Alessandra Mattiazzi, Maurizio, Sophia Mayr, Griselda Melmann, Alfredo Meogrossi, Giovanni Mesiani Mazzacuva, Stefania Migliorati, Milena, Cristina Modolin, Concetta Modica, Armin Monsorno, Simone Morelli, Mafe Moscoso, Paolo Muraro, Sotiris Nanos, Michele, Luca John Nash Fare Ala, Marco Navas Alvear, Ivonne Noboa, Paola Noè, Giancarlo Norese, Mariagiovanna Nuzzi, Magda Omodei Zorini, Roberta Orlando, Manuel Orto, Oscar, Panem et Circenses, Benedetta Panisson, Paolo, Ana Pajares Bausà, Giorgos Papadatos, Nikos Papadimitriou, Paola Pasin, Tania Patritti, Andrea Penzo, Pep, Marco Pezzotta, Iris Plaitakis, Nicola Pillan, Klaus Pinter, Matilde Pinzan, Matteo Pinzan, Laura Pidatella, Artemis Potamianou, Priscilla, Queen, Anteo Radovan, Renata, Caterina Romano, Diego Rosero, Roberta Rovesi, Veronica Ruiz Ortiz,Felicia Santilli, Pelin Santilli, Claudi Schlaier, Konstanze Schmitt, Sonja Schulz, Anton Scönfeld, Vera Scönfeld, Andrea Sorrentino, Donatella Spaziani, Natascha Stephan, Studio:Akrilico, Swantje I., Svetlama, Tania, Bettina Theil, Verena Theil, Ilaria Tomassoni, Gian Maria Tosatti, U.L.I., Sophie Usunier, Vito, Lucia Veronesi, Koji Yamaguchi, Lisa Wade, Heidi Widmann, Sebastiàn Zabronski, Wolfgang Zandt, Mario Zanella, Catrina Zanirato, Stefano Zarantonello, Carmen Zuleta Ferrari, Terenzio Zogli.

Text by Anita Burchardt - for the solo show "luoghi che non esistono più" - Artopia, Milan, 2010.

„Name a place, that meant something to you and that doesn’t exist as this anymore!“ asks Rebecca and my first answer is: „There are so many! Almost the whole city consists of places that don’t exist anymore and most of the places that meant something to me belong to them.“ Not just because as most of the berliners I moved countless times and I left such a meaningful place with every flat I gave up. But first of all because it seems as if  the only constant of the last 2 decades in this city was its changing.
Ongoing change is a beautiful thing about living in a big city and for a long time contrary to the naggers and nostalgists I’ve been secretly happy and curious when houses were restored or built anew and when businesses opened. I like to watch the alteration and to marvel at how much constructional change affects the impact of a place. I’ve been enthusiastic when shops opened where there hadn’t been any before. I always found the impulse of conserving old things suspicious and particularly boring.
Maybe this is due to my childhood. The first decade of my life nothing ever changed in the cityscape, apart from the permanent flaking of color of the facades that turned grey a long time before. There was Nothing that I wished for more than for the complete cleansing of the grey facades, especially the one our flat laid behind. Today this wish seems more than odd to me and it can be explained just this way: One can have too much of everything. Today I drool over every grey facade and I appreciate the beauty of this materialized history and decay just as once I’ve been beset by the inevitable impression of time at work and the depressing mood generated by the architectural standstill. And today I am bored by the predictability of the alteration and by the attempt to conserve those parts of the cityscape which have been labeled as worth it. The facades are long spick and span, almost all gaps between buildings are filled. But the meanings of these places keep changing, their accessibility changes with their functions and with the audiences that are addressed. They haven’t ceased to exist for me with their restoration but with their new-occupation. Bars become lounges, clubs become fashion boutiques, rented flats become freehold flats and gaps become hotels.
Will anybody believe me in ten years’ time that during the nineties Kollwitz-Platz in Prenzlauer Berg has been the place where the riots of the first of may used to start or that Mitte has been crawled with occupied houses and illegal bars and clubs, and none of them except Tacheles had been discovered by tourists yet? „Ask me for places that mean something to me and that are still existing!“ I ask Rebecca and I immediately catch one: The tv-tower still exists.

paolap michele ilenia nicolap francescaelui
milica cristian lia nicolap1 tania
andrea diego lolcarlul ales terenzio
anonimosf1 agell lorenzo paolom stefanoz
anonimosf2 diego3 luigi paolom2 barbaral
antonio elisal marco paolo svetlana
antonio1 fabio mariab priscilla francesca
francescac fabio2 renata2 renata chiarab
carlo mau2 maurizio1 svet2 diego1
paolo3 vito mvc1 mvc2 sip


cli2 cli3 cli4 enrico jessica massimo mario
andr christian roby sophie lucy_harrison2
fer diel sophie ver vero2
pezzott petc1 petc2 osc pupu
ala mbel mg brok
crif eva fabc harald kk
bene benj cate catroma concet
robor wend muretto giulio_esposito anteo_radovan
ada aless dilauro astrij barb
laura_bolero camilo queen alice_bescape bianchi_fatima
helga_burchardt carsten elise konsatnze_schmitt billa
natasha_stephan anton2 diego-rosero ivonne_noboa claudi_schlaier
vera_scoenfeld anton3 jorge milena marco_navas_alvear
rajko_burchardt lucio_cerda patricia-grove suse_krieger armin_monsorno
swantje anton_scoenfeld alice_guareschi uli sebastian_zabronski
maria bettina_theil1 claudia_jung anton1 andrea_penzo
marisa_agnes carmen_zuleta_ferrari bettina_theil2 reb bettina-theil3
tosatti_gian_maria morelli_simone ma3 nikos_papadimitriou bubbapuppibubba_creations
lorenzoa2 mariavittoria lorenzoa3 felicia_santilli alfredo_meogrossi
melmann_griselda alksne_kristine sonja_schulz nanos_sotiris giorgos_papadatos
agnes_lorenzo sonja belfiore_marco daniela_di_maro iris_plaitakis
matti_elisabetta ma2 chiara_fumai marko_maetamm piotr_hanzelewicz
antonio_cataldo armida_gandini benedikt catrina_zanirato davide_asselta
alessandra_mattiazzi ana_pajares_bausa jk roberto_bertolotti catherine_bertolotti
cecilia_bertoni matilde_martinetti donatella_spaziani fiorenza_magrotti sylvia_k
wolfgang_zandt sabina_grazzo alessia_armeni3 alessia_armeni2 alessia_armeni1
rory_macbeth stefania_migliorati tania_patritti moscoso_mafe anita_burchardt
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boris lilia anonimo


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katia1 ilaria_tomassoni giovanni_mesiani gabriele_omar_lakhal emma_luvera
katia2 lisa1 giuliana_marzia_coretti giancarlo_norese federico_lupo
kerstin_linnartz lisa2 luca_deni lucia_veronesi francesca_boffini
leas neal_fellenbaum luca_figino magda_omodei_zorini mariella_casile
paola_noe omar_macchiavelli mercedes_coello matilde_pnzan mariagiovanna_nuzzi
roberta_roversi silvia_giambrone melissa_luvera melissa_bertolotti mascia_del_grande
sara_justo_fernandez marc_abdo_miguel studio_akrilico verena matteo_pinzan
silvia_caglio cristina_polzonetti ac 01 ylenia_curotti
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